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Great People With Great Hands Who Do Great Work

Waterdown Massage and Wellness Clinic offers a full menu of services and can help in a variety of ways – managing pain, relieving stress, recovering from an injury, pregnancy related issues, anxiety and tension.

Whether you are an athlete or a student with a heavy backpack, a truck driver, a dentist, a child with growing pains or a stressed-out working parent, let us help!

Treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs and when appropriate, the therapist will recommend exercises, home-care, and/or complementary therapy in an effort to allow you to actively participate in your own health care.

While you are welcome to make an appointment without a doctor’s referral, we often work in conjunction with your family physician, chiropractor, or physiotherapist to optimize your progress toward optimal health.

With convenient hours, billing methods, we provide a comfortable and accessible location, come and see why we have been so successful.